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拒絕壓榨員工 : Yoga Democracy提供符合市場水平的薪水

YOLO Apparel旗下所代理的Yoga Democracy美國品牌一直都是幸福良心企業



除此之外,Yoga Democracy也提供每小時$16美金的時薪給予裁縫工,高於當地市場水平

Yoga Democracy創辦人Ntalie堅持在地生產,不將生產外包至其它低價勞工市場



Yoga Democracy is creating an impact in more ways than one with their chic and bold prints, as they are also a sustainable fashion brand! Their collection consists of colorful and flattering items that feel reminiscent of the flower power era.

The majority of their production happens in their factory in Arizona which its founder Natalie Oldroyd explained helps to balance quality and affordability.

“Our fabric is expensive, we pay vastly more to those who sew here versus what most of our competitors pay. The average wage for those who sew at Yoga Democracy is $16/hour. Our competitors pay overseas between 50 cents to $1/hour. We can never meet the price points of the big box retailers. In terms of the premium brands who often charge upwards of $100 (versus our $75), they also often pay 50 cents to $1 per hour. Meanwhile, all of their fabric costs are lower as standard fabric typically is, over eco-friendly fabric alternatives. We focus on avoiding waste and being efficient, while at the same time price our products to reflect some of the gains we make by focusing on direct to the consumer and on in-house production.”

They even manage to keep their carbon footprint and water waste low by using a system of a low-energy, zero-water process called sublimation.

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